Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia

★★★★★ Visited: 2018 Salar De Uyuni, located in Bolivia’s high plateau (altiplano), is the largest and highest salt flats in the world.  It is one of those locations in this planet that can be fascinatingly described as surreal and other-worldly. To reach this astounding destination requires some effort and conscientious planning.  Due to its high … More Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia

Vilnius, Lithuania

★★★★★ Visited: Summer 2017 Recommended Stay: 2-3 days Trip Tips: Avoid Mondays as almost all museums are closed. The heart-wrenching Museum of Genocide is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Though Tallin (Estonia) has consistently been lauded as the most gorgeous city in the Baltic States, I think Vilnius is either a close second or should share … More Vilnius, Lithuania

Summer 2017 Itinerary

My summer 2017 itinerary was hectic but eclectic. It was hugely centered in Europe, but far away from the maddening crowd of the big cities for the most part. I visited Russia for the second year in a row and the Arctic Circle enclave of Svalbard. I revisited Copenhagen, Stockholm, Barcelona, and Jerusalem. All spectacular … More Summer 2017 Itinerary

St. Petersburg, Russia

★★★★★ Recommended Stay: 3 days, preferably during White Nights  (end of May to mid-July) Visited: 2014 & 2017 (Visa required. It is also possible to visit visa-free via cruise) Day 1: The Hermitage Museum, a walking tour of Nevsky Prospekt including visits to the Church on Spilled Blood and the Kazan Cathedral, and St. Isaac’s … More St. Petersburg, Russia

Moscow, Russia

★★★★★ Visited: 2016 & 2017 (Visa required) Recommended Stay: 3 Days Day 1: The Kremlin, the Red Square, and a show at the Bolshoi Theater in the evening. For tips on how to maximize your visit at the Kremlin, here’s my post on how to navigate the Kremlin in 5 Steps. It is imperative that … More Moscow, Russia

The Kremlin in 5 Steps

Visiting the Kremlin, arguably the principal highlight in Moscow, can be daunting due to overcrowding, a couple of sites needing advanced tickets, and the language barrier. However, after two visits I can confidently declare that I have been able to figure out a way to maneuver through the Kremlin effortlessly following these 5 steps. It … More The Kremlin in 5 Steps

Riga, Latvia

★★★★ Recommended Stay: 2 days Visited: 2017 Despite being the largest city in the Baltic States, Riga does somewhat pale in comparison with its gorgeous sister cities – Tallinn and Vilnius.  Do not let that deter you from visiting though as Riga boasts a UNESCO-World Heritage Old Town filled with cobblestone streets and glorious churches that … More Riga, Latvia

Guangxi Province, China

★★★★★ Recommended Stay: 5 days Guangxi Sleep Day 1 Arrive in Guilin Guilin Day 2 Trip to Longsheng Longsheng Day 3 Trip to Guilin Guilin Day 4 Raft to Yangshou Yangshou Day 5 Yangshou Yangshou Day 6 Depart Yangshou Visited: Summer 2017 There are a few outstanding highlights in this province that renders it as … More Guangxi Province, China