My 10 Most Memorable Border Crossings

These are my most unforgettable (some were terrifying, some were just outright fascinating) border crossings outside of airports.

  1. Egypt to Israel by cab and foot (Border Crossing: TABA).  I visited Egypt right after the revolution ended. I crossed the border via the Sinai Peninsula. Unbeknownst to me during that time that Sinai was considered a stronghold of terrorist militants. My friend and I cabbed from Dahab to the border and we walked across to get to immigration in the Israeli side. A thorough, nerve-wracking interrogation followed. It did not help that my last name sounds Arabic and that my friend has Middle Eastern features. I was searched extensively and escorted until I boarded a cab to the Eilat airport. I seriously thought that I will be disallowed entry.

    Taba Border, Israel Side (Credit:
  2. Mongolia to Russia via the Trans-Siberian Railway
  3. Argentina to Brazil and back via public bus
  4. Rwanda to Uganda by walking
  5. Tanzania to Kenya via a tour guide
  6. Bolivia to Chile via tour
  7. Palestine to Israel via public bus
  8. Zimbabwe to Zambia and Botswana by tour
  9. Finland to Russia via cruise
  10. Croatia to Bosnia via bus

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