Visited 2010


Istanbul : From Hagia Sophia to the Bosphorus, Istanbul continues to be one of my favorite cities in the world, rivaling Rome and Paris.

Ancient Ruins   : Turkey boasts more ruins than Italy and Greece combined. I visited 8 of its most evocative archaeological sites – from exceptional Ephesus to breathtaking Afrodisias.

Cappadocia   : No visit Turkey is complete without descending into the otherworldly landscapes of Cappadocia. This area of fairy chimneys and ancient monasteries will be indelibly inked in your memories for decades to come.


Mt. Nemrut & environs   :  An early morning hike to the fascinating Mt. Nemrut and a visit to historic Harran and the pilgrimage town of Sanliurfa.


Kurdistan (Northern Mesopotamia)   : Touching the ancient waterways of Euphrates and Tigris Rivers where civilization began was nothing short of special. Coupled with gorgeous towns such as Mardin and Hasankeyf and the rare opportunity to interact with the incredibly hospitable Kurdish people, this section of Turkey is deeply memorable.

Sumela Monastery & the Black Sea



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