Pamukkale, Turkey

Pamukkale, Turkey

I took a chance if I could get into an Afrodisias tour, so last night, I asked the front desk to ask around if there were other tourists who were interested to get in the same adventure. The tour requires a minimum of four people before it can go forward. Luckily, there were three other tourists who were interested.

Afrodisias was the 8th and last ancient ruin I had visited, and only next to Ephesus with regards to its grandeur. Touring Afrodisias was definitely a fantastic way to end my archaeological tour. It boasts a Roman stadium that I have not seen in the other ruins I’ve visited. It was also pretty big, and, due to its distance, far less visited by tourists so there were plenty of opportunities to experience the site without distractions. The tour lasted for a couple of hours, then we were jetted back to our respective hostels.

I was picked up at around 5pm, for my overnight bus to Goreme, which is located in Central Turkey (Cappadocia).


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