Touring around Prague


Touring around Prague
Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic

First stop was the Mucha museum, which featured the work of Alfons
Mucha. This was a special request from John. However, we had an
interesting experience with the ticket clerk in this museum. While my
friend Marie was purchasing her tickets, the clerk impolitely &amp;
crudely ask her how many tickets did she want by asking – how many, 1,
2, 3, 10? when Marie only obviously needed one. She was rude!

Afterwards, we headed straight to the Old Town Square where people
converged to wait for the Astronomical Clock to perform it’s much
awaited, but somewhat overrated show. We climbed one of the tours and
saw Prague from above. What a spectacular city! No wonder a lot of
people make sure that this city takes top priority in their itinerary.

After climbing up the tower, we went down to the field to have
lunch. We bought grilled stuff (hotdog, burger, etc.) in the town square
where there was a huge screen that played a FIFA game – it was Slovakia
vs. some other country. Even if we were in Czech Republic, we witnessed
how they cheered for their old countrymates. After lunch, we proceeded
to walking around towards Prague Castle. I believe we took a tram going
there, since it was atop a steep hill. We quickly explored the complex,
which was sprawling and provided sweeping views of Prague. We did not
have the opportunity to view the internal lay out of the structures in
this complex because everything involved cash before entering. Plus,
there were a lot of buildings to explore. Perhaps, this visit was meant
to provide an overview of the city. Who knows, I might be back again….

After exploring the Prague Castle, we boarded a bus to get to
Charles Bridge, where we had dinner. It was our splurge moment, which we
all agreed upon even before traveling to Europe.
Afterwards, we went up on top of one of the Charles Bridge tower to see
Prague at dusk. Afterwards, we crossed the bridge and took the subway
to go home.


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