Schindler's Factory & flight to Prague


Schindler's Factory & flight to Prague
Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic

Our final day in Krakow was today, and it was raining pretty hard.
My friends decided to stay in and shop for more souvenirs, while I
braved the storm to check out Schindler’s factory. It was located about
30 minutes from the city center and I needed to make multiple transfers
in order to get there. I got lost finding it, but when I finally got
there, the effort was definitely worth it. I saw remnants of pots and
pans originally used by Schindler’s employees along with the furniture
in his old office. After completing the museum, I headed back to Krakow
where I met my friends again. We started packing to get to the airport
for our flight to Prague.

We arrived in Prague at about 5pm. Finding our hostel was not too
difficult as it was just a subway away from the airport terminal. It was
located in the New Town, near Wenceslas Square. We settled at our
hostel first then had dinner at a Chinese restaurant. It had nasty food,
but we did not have a lot of options. We also realized that the
district where we are was also the red light district. Very interesting.
In the evening, we attempted to walk all the way to Charles Bridge,
which we averted as it was too far and it was also getting too late. We
had our first glimpse of the Prague Castle at night.


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