Krakow, Poland

Krakow, Poland

We were up early today, and had our breakfast from our hostel. Then
we walked back to the train station, which has an adjacent bus terminal
behind it. We bought our tickets to get to Auschwitz. It was an hour
trip to get to our destination. From there, we purchased our tickets and
arranged a walking tour with an English-speaking guide. Upon arriving
at the complex, the somber mood of the area was palpable. There were
many people from various countries but the atmosphere was not at all
affected by the crowds. There were too many highlights in this trip, but
what comes to mind was the site of luggages, shoes, toothbrushes, hair
and other items from the Jewish prisoners. After touring the barracks,
we then went to Auschwitz – Birkenau, where the gas chambers were
located. The train tracks that were used by the Nazis to transport Jews
from different parts of Europe terminated at
this place. The walls of the chambers were still partially intact, and
would have been still well preserved if the Nazis had not destroyed
them. The chambers were the evidence that would prove the crime
they committed against humanity. There was also a huge memorial with
plaques from all the countries that got victimized by the Nazis. This
was truly a must do and must see place when in Poland.

After the trip, we had dinner at the Square, where we had porkchop
for 8USD. Poland is cheap. We were seated facing the most popular
destination in all of Krakow and we were only charged less than 10USD
for a fantastic meal. We walked around some more around the city to
check out some souvenirs and actually had really good dessert.


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