Krakow city tour


Krakow city tour
Krakow, Poland

Krakow, Poland

The Krakow walking tour was a must for any tourist because it packs
almost all the marvelous sites in half a day. We saw the churches, Pope
John Paul’s residence, the Wawel Castle, and of course, got to learn
more about Poland’s history. The country has gone through so much, that
I’m just glad that it’s trying to catch up with the rest of Western Europe.

We packed our lunch today, so we just hung out at the park and ate
what we brought after the walk. Afterwards, we took a bus to get to the
Salt Mines, which we felt was a bit overated. Although, we had a great
time poking fun of our guide, Yvonna, who was so intense in how she
delivered her commentaries, and the three US ladies who insisted to cut
the tour short because they had to be picked up by their chauffer at a
particular time.

Then, we just went back to our hostel and prepared for our trip to Auschwitz tomorrow.


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