Tour around Warsaw, then off to Krakow


Tour around Warsaw, then off to Krakow
Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw, Poland

Since we only had a day in Warsaw, we focused our sight-seeing
along the Royal Way, which has majority of the sights to be seen.
Highlights include the presidential palace, which has the photos of the
late president and first lady who recently died in a plane crash in
Russia. At the end of the Royal Way, we were greeted by the Castle and
the Old Town Market Square, which were all destroyed during the Second
World War and subsequently rebuilt into its present form. There were
several churches, museums, souvenir shops, etc. along the way.

After exploring the Old Town, we boarded a few buses to see the
Warsaw Rising Museum, which was located a little further across the
city. It chronicled the lives of Polish men &amp; women during the
German occupation and the uprising that ensued.

We then went back to our hostel to meet Joseph, who did not join us
for the museum. We rested a bit, then started our journey to the train
station with our heavy backpacks. At the station, we quickly bought
cheap tickets to get to Krakow. We inquired from our hostel what would
be the fastest and cheapest way to travel to our final destination in
Poland. We then had dinner at this hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurant
in the main train station. It’s unbelievable. Chinese food cooked by
Polish workers in a restaurant that can barely sit 10 people, and it was


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