Berlin Museums


Berlin Museums
Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany

Today, we went to the Pergamon Museum and
the Egyptian Museum. I was mesmerized by the Pergamon – it’s definitely
worth to visit this site for the remnants of the old city of Pergamon,
which is located in Bergama, Turkey (I will visit this ancient city on
the Turkish leg of my tour). The Pergamon also has the Ishtar gate of
the old city of Babylon, which is now located in present-day Iraq. The
Egyptian Museum has remnants of pharaohs, structures from Egypt, Cyprus
and other Mediterrenean countries. Afterwards, we had lunch at a nearby
restaurant then headed back to the hostel to pack our bags. We have to
prepare for our flight to Warsaw at 9pm. We arrived at the Tegel airport
pretty early, the gate has not been opened yet. It was an hour trip.


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