Castle tours in Potsdam


Castle tours in Potsdam
Potsdam, Germany

Potsdam, Germany

The next day, we cooked our breakfast from
the stash we brought from the States. That how we rolled! We had liver
spread, sardines, sausages. I forgot to mention that we bought our
groceries yesterday before our walking tour, so we also had juice, fruit
and eggs. Afterwards, we headed to Potsdam, which is a town 45 minutes
from Berlin. The train network in Berlin was so extensive that it’s very
easy to get lost, but luckily there were a lot of locals who were
willing to assist. We arrived at Potsdam, which required a lot of
walking. We explored the different castles and structures. We didn’t go
inside the buildings as they were very expensive to check out.
Afterwards, we went to West Berlin, which was busier, more cosmopolitan,
and less historic than its Eastern counterpart. We checked out the
Kaiser Memorial, which was a church that was bombed during the second
world war. Afterwards, we checked out some souvenir stands then went
back to our favorite Kabob place to have our 2 Euro dinner. However,
this time around, we weren’t as fortunate. We all had stomach flu.
Tomorrow’s our last day, and we decided to check out the museums at the


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