Walking tour around Berlin


Walking tour around Berlin
Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany

On our first full day in Berlin, we ate breakfast at the hostel just a couple of blocks up from East/West Seven Hostel. It was 5 Euros for a buffet breakfast. Quite pricey. After that meal, we decided never to eat breakfast buffet again. We joined a walking tour, which brought us to the major highlights of Berlin. A walking tour is highly recommended specially when visiting such a sprawling city as Berlin. We went to the Museum Quarter, where some historic buildings were located + the location of Hitler’s announcement of the Second World War. We were also brought to the location of the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie, Brandenburg Gate, the Holocaust Memorial, Unter den Linden, Bebelplatz (book burning memorial), and a whole lot more. I wished that I had explored the streets on my own, but since we were pressed for time, the walking tour was the best way to get an orientation /history of Berlin.

After the tour, we went to the Reichstag, the Berlin Wall again &amp; the Holocaust Museum. We took some more pictures of the Wall. After wards, we went back to the area near our hostel to look for a bar where we watch a FIFA game. It was Australia vs. Germany today, and Germany won! People were mostly wrapped up with the German flag. It was festive. We retired early today because we barely had 4 hours of sleep.


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