First stop: Berlin


First stop: Berlin
Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany

Upon arriving at the Berlin Tegel airport, I quickly looked for my friend John, who arrived an hour before me. Two of other buddies, Joseph and Marie, already arrived several hours before we did and were probably in our hostel already, sleeping or lounging around.

We specifically followed the instructions to get to East/West Hostel, which was emailed to us by the hostel. We boarded a bus, then a subway, then walked to our hostel. We were very satisfied with our choice. In fact, East/West Seven Hostel was the best hostel we’ve ever stayed out in our three weeks in Europe. It was 17euros/night or 25USD. It wasn’t bad. We stayed here for three nights.

On our first night, we went clubbing! It’s interesting to note that they played the same pop/dance music as the clubs in SF. They played Gaga, Peas, Lil Wayne and 50 Cent. It was nothing spectacular except that they people club there until the break of dawn. We headed out of the club at 5am!


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