First time to fly over the Atlantic.


First time to fly over the Atlantic.
San Francisco, CA

San Francisco, CA

My flight to Europe via Lufthansa was awesome. Free wine was flowing during the meal service, and the aircraft was generally spotless and new. I arrived in Munich around 5pm, where I had to wait for my connecting flight to Berlin at around 9pm. I met a couple of Filipinas who were on a pilgrimage to Barcelona. I believe their connecting flight was at 1930, so they thought they had the same number of hours rest in Munich. They had no idea it was at 730pm, so they missed their flight. I hope they were able to fly to Spain just in time for their pilgrimage.

It was automatically apparent that Europe would be expensive, if the cost of food or drinks at the airport will be the indication. There were several computers available at the airport, where I was able to check my email and change my status in facebook.


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