Black Turtle Cove – Baltra Airport – Quito


Black Turtle Cove – Baltra Airport – Quito
Baltra, Ecuador

Baltra, Ecuador

As much as I didn’t want this trip to end, it has got to. Sadly, today was our last day in the cruise, and after having a very early breakfast, we boarded our “pangas” (small boats) with excited anticipation and sailed around “Black Turtle Cove”. This was a unique portion of the cruise since we didn’t have to get off of our boats, we just silently sailed and searched for marine tortoises that were mating, and found several of them. What a joy to witness such an event! They obliviously procreated while spectators peered on. We also saw several pelicans gracefully diving beak first into the sea to catch their meal for the day, as well as several sting rays and black-tipped sharks swimming around our boats. Even up to the last minute, the Galapagos never failed to leave me breathless. We returned back to our yatch and was transported back to the Baltra Airport for our trip to Quito. One of the people I met at the cruise (Annie!) volunteered to tour me around Quito tomorrow.


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