Santa Fe – South Plazas


Santa Fe – South Plazas
santa fe, Ecuador

santa fe, Ecuador

Santa Fe boasts the largest species of iguanas I’ve seen in this trip – they looked like miniature versions of dinosaurs. Their colors stretch from yellow to chocolate brown. There was also an abundance of towering cactus plants everywhere. After the hike, we walked back to the beach to return to our pangas, but to our sheer delight, we witnessed a mommy sealion just give birth in plain view. I took several pictures of the infant, with placenta still attached, trying to nurse and bond with its mom. While wading through the sea waters on the way to our pangas, our guides pointed our attention to several black-tipped sharks circling around the shallow waters of the beach. They seemed to congregate around the murky waters beside the rocks. Little did we know that our next snorkeling trip would be there too. We sailed away from the sharks and started to snorkel towards the shore. As expected, we snorkeled with more sea lions, and ran into a couple of sharks. Before approaching the beach, our guides instructed us to get on the boats because we were getting closer to where the sharks were. On the boat, we motored our boats closer to the sharks, where I mustered enough courage to dip my hand underwater to capture a video of the sharks underneath. I captured a couple of videos of those black-tipped sharks in murky water. This specific part of the cruise will be indelibly inked in my memories forever. I’ve never seen that many sharks in my life! In the afternoon, we sailed to South Plazas where we were greeted by a beautiful beach dotted by, you guessed it right, sea lions. Here, we were given another chance to snorkel for the very last time. I saw two white-tipped sharks, an eagle-ray and countless fish. We went back to our yatch, and for dinner, the crew prepared a very special meal to celebrate our last supper together.


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