Puerto Egas – Rábida


Puerto Egas – Rábida
Rabida, Ecuador

Rabida, Ecuador

On our fourth day, we sailed to two islands. In the morning, we stopped at James Bay (Puerto Egas) in Santiago Island. This was where I got the chance to snorkel with huge marine tortoises (so many of them) along with more sea lions and fish swimming over untouched, pristine corals. This trip surely never fails to amaze me — James Bay is the best snorkeling I’ve ever had– and that’s saying a lot after just snorkeling with sea lions, penguins and sharks a couple of days ago. In the afternoon, we visited Rabida island, which is known for it’s dark red beach. We saw a lot of snoring and sleeping sea lions here, and more marine iguanas as well. We were given another opportunity to snorkel here, but it paled in comparison to my experience this morning. Tonight, we will sail to Sta. Cruz, where the owner of the cruise will treat us out to a Christmas eve dinner. This is also going to be the first time that we get to see civilization again.


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