Balicasag Island: great snorkeling!

Balicasag Island: great snorkeling!
Balicasag, Philippines

Balicasag, Philippines

We were picked up at our hotel at around 6am. The original deal was to sail around Balicasag to check out dolphins. It took us about an hour to get to the waters around Balicasag. Unfortunately, there were no dolphins in sight so we just decided to check out the island instead. Upon arriving, we were greeted by several boatmen who competed to take us to snorkeling. We paid P300/boat, and P150/snorkeling gear. The waves were pretty strong so our guides wanted us to stay within arm’s length from the small boats. The waters were gorgeously clear, and the fish and corals were superb. After snorkeling, one our guides toured us around the island, which could be circled in less than an hour. We got the chance to see and interact with the people in the island — they were all very friendly. We also spent some time at the Balicasag Dive Center and Hotel where the waves were stronger and the water clearer. After the hike, we ate in one of the shacks along the beach where they served authentic sea food dishes. After lunch, we headed back to Panglao Island, where we had a special dinner to celebrate my mom’s birthday.

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